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Welcome. I am a visiting assistant professor in political science at Reed College, OR. My research interests are in central banking, the politics of finance and financialization, natural resources, colonial legacies and development.


My dissertation examined the trajectory and politics of central banking in the Global South, focusing in particular on when central banks accommodate financial accumulation by banks and nonbanks that challenge broader growth and development goals.


Ongoing research projects include pathways through which hierarchies in the international monetary system incentivize financialization of debt and natural resources in poor countries, the role of the state in de-risking accumulation in late capitalism, the politics of climate finance, and the impact of colonial legacies on development trajectories.


I received my PhD in political science from Indiana University Bloomington in 2021. Before starting my PhD program, I worked in the NGO sector as a project manager for civic education programs. I received my BA from Williams College (MA), and my International Baccalaureate diploma from the United World College of the Atlantic. My work has appeared in New Political Economy, The Review of African Political Economy and the Journal of Democracy.

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